Intro to: Red Dot Pistols

Red Dot Pistols

Intro to: Red Dot Pistols - $100

Everyone starts somewhere. Titan Tactical is here to help you begin your journey!

-Do you have a red dot pistol optic?

-Have you recently purchased a pistol optic?

-Are you interested in getting a red dot pistol optic mount?

-Are you looking to improve your shooting skill with a red dot pistol optic?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, This course is for you!

This is a beginner to Intermediate level shooting course geared to assisting shooters who are new to pistol mounted red dot sights. Topics include:


1.) -What is a red dot?

-History of MRDS/Pistol optics

-Advantages vs. disadvantages

-Mounting & Maintenance

 2.) Principles of red dots Discussion

-Zero Discussion (5yd/7yd/10yd/12.5yd/15yd/25yd)

-Height over bore & Point of Aim/Point of Impact

-“How can I find the dot???”

 3.) Finding the dot every time!

-Consistent draw &Presentation

 -Target focus

 4.)Dry-fire practice: Multiple skills and drills to build a skillset and reinforce consistent positive performance

 5.) Live Fire: Skills and Drills - practical applications including some fun drills and games.


The Class will be a mix of instructor-led lecture/class discussion and hands-on guided practice, a long with a live fire portion.

 Approximate time breakdown:

- 2Hours lecture/discussion

 - 4 hours Live Fire Portion

Intro to: Red Dot Pistols
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