Basic Concealed Carry Classes

Illinois Basic Hour Concealed Carry Certification & Renewal

4 Hour Renewal Course - $40

Illinois requires a 4 Hour Class but our Renewal Class lasts 6 hours
4 Hour Renewal Course
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This course leads to an Illinois Concealed Carry Training Class Certificate of the required subjects, to obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCW) from the State Of Illinois. The course objectives are to teach an individual the basic knowledge, skill and attitude necessary to become a safe and responsible gun owner.  

We are partnered with the USCCA. The USCCA will come into class and speak with you about their Self Defense Education and Training Programs that also include a Self Defense Liability Protection Policy and see if you would like to signup for them. There is no obligation to signup for them, but we here recommend that you do so that you can have the proper criminal and civil protection.

The following topics will be covered:

firearm safety

- four fundamental rules of firearm safety

- additional safety considerations

- weapon in your home, vehicle and public storage

safe storage

rapid access

-family safety plan

care, cleaning, loading, unloading firearm

- firearm cleaning

- ammunition identification

  • size
  • shape and physical features
  • color code
  • markings
  • packing
  • type

– identifying small arms ammunition

  • cartridge case
  • propellant
  • primer
  • bullet

– types of small arms cartridges

  • Defense and training
  • training only

– mechanical malfunctions

  • failure to feed
  • double feed
  • slamfire
  • stovepipe

– firearm safety and parts identification

  • handgun types
  • revolvers
  • pistols
  • safety and unloaded guns

basic principles of marksmanship

- body position or stance

- breath control

- trigger control and proper grip

- flinching

- proper sight alignment and sight picture

- errors in sight alignment

- how to determine your eye dominance for handgun shooting

- sight picture

safe carry consideration

- identify ways to conceal a firearm

- holster consideration

- examples of concealment methods

- waistband holsters

- ankle holsters

- in-clothing holsters

- pocket holsters

- shoulder holsters

- off-body carry

maintain control of your weapon

- limit who knows you carry

- travel consideration

avoid the need to use your weapon

- avoid unsafe areas whenever possible

- be aware of your surroundings

- avoid and de-escalate confrontations

state laws relating to firearms

- 430 iLCS 66/10 (h) law enforcement encounters

  • what to do when you encounter law enforcement
  • 430 ILCS 66/65 prohibited areas
  • 430 ILCS 65/1 firearm owners identification card act

- 720 ILCS 5/7-1 use of force in defense of person

  • reasonably believe
  • imminent threat
  • death or great bodily harm
  • post-incident safety

– 720 ilcs 5/7-2 use of force in defense of dwelling

– 720 ilcs 5/7-3 use of force in defense of other property

– 720 ilcs 5/24-1 unlawful use of weapons

– federal laws relating to firearms and juvenile

  • youth handgun safety act
  • control act of 1968 – 18 u.s.c. 922 (x)
  • gun control act of 1968 – 18 u.s.c 924 (a) (6)
  • children and weapons

What you need:

  • Illinois Drivers License or Illinois State ID
  • FOID card or NRA number If Applicable
  • Notepad
  • Pen or pencil
  • Firearm cleaning kit - which includes cleaning solvent, quality gun oil, cloth patches, cleaning rod, and assorted rod tips. Also bring an extra rag to keep with your kit- needed for Day 1
  • Proper Mindset
  • UNLOADED and ENCASED Concealable Semi-automatic firearm or revolver
  • 2 magazines UNLOADED - preferred for semi- autos
  • 1 speed loader - preferred for revolvers
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Ammunition 150 rounds of your caliber firearm. -16 Hour Students - Range Only
  • Ammunition 60 rounds of your caliber firearm - 4 Hour Renewal Students - Range Only
  • 1 belt mounted magazine holder - optional
  • No open toed shoes - range only
  • No loose fitting clothing - range only
  • No low cut shorts - range only
  • Chairs - optional - range only

Safety is of the utmost importance. There will be NO ammunition allowed in the classroom at anytime!


We will be in class all of Saturday and for about 3-4 hours on Sunday. Sunday afternoon we will be out on the range conducting drills and certification rain or shine so dress accordingly for the weather.

A 45 minute lunch break will be allotted each day. You can bring a lunch with you or go out in town if you would like. There is a small kitchen in the classroom with a refrigerator and microwave available.

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