Intro to: Home Defense Essentials

Home Defense Essentials

Intro to: Home Defense Essentials - $100

Everyone starts somewhere.Guardian Training Center is here to help you begin your journey!


Do you want to make sure your home is safe?

How can I defend my home if the worst happens?


This is a beginner to Intermediate level home defense seminar geared to assisting the responsibly armed citizen who wants to keep their home and family safe.


Topics include:


1 .) Home Defense Essentials:

-How to make your home a hard target

-How to harden your home with out a firearm

 2 .) Creating a Home Defense Plan

 3 .) Home Defense Legal considerations: Know the law and your rights!

 4 .) Post-incident considerations: what to do if a 911 call is needed

-Law Enforcement interaction

-Law Enforcement interviews/interrogations post incident

-Know your rights.

 5 .) Hands-on guided practice

-Use of Lights

- “Intro to one person CQB”

-Searching/room clearing as a last resort

-Threshold evaluation vs dynamic entries

-Room clearing basics


Approximate time breakdown:

-2 Hours lecture/discussion

-2 hours Hands-on guided practice


Needed equipment:

-Pen & Paper for notes

-Eye protection or safety glasses (we can provide if needed)

-Flashlight (optional)

-Good attitude & comfortable footwear!

Intro to: Home Defense Plan
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