Defensive Rifle Classes

Defensive Rifle Classes

Defensive Rifle 1 - $150

The Modern Sporting Rifle, Carbine, or any variant of Rifle in general has proven to be the most versatile self defense weapon in history. Defensive Rifle 1 will teach the basic concepts involved in Defensive Rifle deployment, including: Safety, basic weapons handling, marksmanship fundamentals, maintenance and accessories, optics, sights selections, loading &unloading, malfunction types and clearing, low-light shooting, and various shooting drills for the entry level shooter, up to an intermediate level. Shooting drills covered include controlled pairs and handling recoil on multiple shots, transitioning to multiple targets, and engaging moving targets. Upon completion of this course, students will have a sound knowledge of beginning defensive applications of a rifle, and the skills to use it in a self-defense situation.

Defensive Rifle 1 Course
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Defensive Rifle 2 - $150

Building from the skills learned in Defensive Rifle 1, Level 2 will deliver the trainee several different methods of self-defense applications for the defensive rifle. Advanced marksmanship skills including precision shooting, distant or smaller targets, and shooting under stress will be used to measure student success. Students will also learn navigating movement while shooting, the use of cover and concealment, tactical reloads/ammo management, negotiating tight quarters and urban environments. Students will also learn basic team tactics and communication necessary to work in small groups. The skills and tactics learned in Defensive Rifle 2 will culminate in scenario-based training through scenarios to test all skills learned and simulate decision making under pressure.   


PREREQUISITES: DR1 (or similar), GT2 or Intro to Red Dot (or similar pistol class) 

Defensive Rifle 2 Course
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What you need:

ROUND COUNT - 250 ROUNDS of your preferred caliber, sling (not required but heavily suggested), 3 magazines minimum or enough to hold 30 total rounds, magazine pouches or pockets to hold magazines, “dump pouch”, a preferably zeroed rifle or braced pistol, close-toed shoes, hearing protection, eye protection, gloves if desired, hat if desired (long periods without sunshade)

What you need:

ROUND COUNT- 300 ROUNDS RIFLE, 100 ROUNDS PISTOL of your preferred calibers, sling (required), 3 magazines minimum rifle mags and 2 minimum pistol mags, belt or thigh holster for pistol, magazine pouches or pockets to hold magazines (chest or belt rig suggested), “dump pouch”, close-toed shoes, hearing protection, eye protection, gloves if desired, hat if desired (long periods without sunshade). 


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