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Guardian Concepts LLC
Illinois Basic Concealed Carry Training 16 hour

This 2 day class meets the requirement to obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry License. This class is designed for all types of shooters. A FOID is not required to take this class, but you have to be able to get your FOID in order to obtain your CCL
Our class will be August 28th and August 29th, 2021. I will be hosting the class room portion at the Momence Park District Field House at 79 Mill St. Momence, Illinois and the qualifications at a private range in Momence as well. You must arrive by 7:45 AM. Class starts at 8 AM sharp each day in the classroom. We will end each day at 5:00 PM.
16 hour Course cost will be $125! All students will receive a Guardian Concepts T-Shirt with this class.
8 hour Course cost will be $80! All students will receive a Guardian Concepts T-Shirt with this class. This course is for anyone that is a Honorably Discharged Veteran, took a NRA Basic Pistol course, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, or NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home.
3 hour renewal cost will be $40. No T- Shirt provided with this class.
Option 1: A $50 deposit is required to lock in your seat for 16/8 hour course. $20 deposit for 3 hour. Remaining balance due on Class Day 1.
Option 2: You can pay the full price to lock in your seat for the class.
See cancellation policy below.
Cancellations: You can cancel up to 14 days in advance of the class date and get your deposit back. If you cancel your seat after the 14 day mark we will hold your deposit to attend another class. The deposit is non- refundable as we incur costs when someone cancels.
We will accept:
cash (is preferred)
Visa, MC, Discover, Amex
Cashapp - GuardianConceptsLLC
We have 25 spots available for our classes to ensure that we can provide quality training for all of our students.
What you need:
- Class payment $125
- Illinois Drivers License or Illinois State ID
- FOID card or NRA number If Applicable
- Notepad
- Pen or pencil
- Firearm cleaning kit - which includes cleaning solvent, quality gun oil, cloth patches, cleaning rod, and assorted rod tips. Also bring an extra rag to keep with your kit- needed for Day 1
- Proper Mindset
- UNLOADED and ENCASED Concealable Semi-automatic firearm or revolver
- 2 magazines UNLOADED - preferred for semi- autos
- 1 speed loader - preferred for revolvers
- Eye protection
- Hearing protection
- Ammunition 150 rounds of your caliber firearm. - Range Only
- 1 belt mounted magazine holder - optional
- No open toed shoes - range only
- No loose fitting clothing - range only
- No low cut shorts - range only
- Chairs - optional - range only
Safety is of the utmost importance. There will be NO ammunition allowed in the classroom at anytime!
We will be in class all of Saturday and for about 3-4 hours on Sunday. Sunday afternoon we will be out on the range conducting drills and certification rain or shine so dress accordingly for the weather.
A 45 minute lunch break will be allotted each day. You can bring a lunch with you or go out in town if you would like. There is a small kitchen in the classroom with a refrigerator and microwave available.

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