Guardian Tactics Level 1 - Cost $100.00


  • Meant for beginner to intermediate skilled shooters looking to learn more advanced techniques to protect their family and themselves.

  • Class size maximum 15 people.

  • Goal is to execute 2 shots on target from the holster in 2.5 seconds.

  • Students will practice Holster Draws, Assessing the Situation, Acquiring Targets, Tactical Reloads, Basics of Shooting on the Move.

  • Total Class time 3 - 5 hours depending on class size.

  • Students will receive a Guardian Concepts Level 1 T - Shirt upon completion.

  • Water will be available on site.

  • 50% Deposit Due at Class Booking - Remaining Balance Due 48 Hours prior to Class Begin


Equipment Needed:

  • Firearm

  • Holster - needs to be concealable

  • Magazines x 3 or Speed Reloaders x 3 if using a Revolver

  • Magazine Holders to carry your magazines

  • Loose Fitting Comfortable Clothing appropriate for the weather- There will be ground work performed

  • Gym Shoes or Boots Required - No open toed shoes

  • Protective Eye Glasses

  • Protective Hearing

  • Headwear - if desired to protect from elements

  • Firearm specific Ammunition x 300 rds

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