Guardian Tactics Level 1 - Cost $125.00


  • Meant for beginner to intermediate skilled shooters looking to learn more advanced techniques to protect their family and themselves.

  • Class size maximum 15 people.

  • Goal is to execute 2 shots on target from the holster in 2.5 seconds.

  • Students will practice Holster Draws, Assessing the Situation, Acquiring Targets, Tactical Reloads, Basics of Shooting on the Move.

  • Total Class time 3 - 5 hours depending on class size.

  • Students will receive a Guardian Concepts Level 1 T - Shirt upon completion.

  • Water will be available on site.

  • You can cancel up to 14 days in advance of the class date and get your deposit back. If you cancel your seat after the 14 day mark we will hold your deposit to attend another class. The deposit is non- refundable as we incur costs when someone cancels.


Equipment Needed:

  • Firearm

  • Holster - needs to be concealable

  • Magazines x 3 or Speed Reloaders x 3 if using a Revolver

  • Magazine Holders to carry your magazines

  • Loose Fitting Comfortable Clothing appropriate for the weather- There will be ground work performed

  • Gym Shoes or Boots Required - No open toed shoes

  • Protective Eye Glasses

  • Protective Hearing

  • Headwear - if desired to protect from elements

  • Firearm specific Ammunition x 300 rds